Textile Care: Keeping Your Brand and Your Office Clean

Commercial Flooring Solutions CFS cleans any textile in facilities.

When it’s bright and sunny outside, this boosts team morale as well as the mindset to work in spaces that feel healthy and promote wellness and productivity. Even though your textiles may appear clean, over time dirt, allergens, and pollutants work their way deep into the fibers where conventional cleaning methods cannot remove them.

Textiles need regular, periodic professional cleaning to keep workspaces at their best; summertime is the perfect season to evaluate and care for your textile surfaces.

In giving fabrics new life, you make the workplace feel fresh and clean, in addition to helping the environment. When chairs and cubicle panels are discarded, for example, they find their way to already crowded landfills. A soiled chair or stale panel fabric can create a less-than-fresh cubicle space. Workspace panels and fabric chairs can act as office air filters, often trapping dust and other particles. Allergens in the workplace contribute to dry, watery or itchy eyes, coughing, and headaches. This can lead to poor concentration and lower productivity.

CFS can restore textiles to like new appearance with our method of cleaning panels, fabric and upholstery!

Common textile surfaces requiring maintenance care include task and general seating; pull-up chairs; lounge, theater, and airport seating; lobby, reception area, and waiting room furniture; conference room furniture; panel fabrics; wall coverings; and draperies.

Keep your workspace beautiful, give your textiles new life.

If your cubicle spaces, lobbies, and conference rooms harbor coffee stains, beverage spill residue, or are simply dirty, it can reflect poorly on your organization and your brand. CFS offers a simple and quick fix to be sure employees and visitors know that your business values quality and care.

CFS hears countless stories about companies wasting money because they opted to replace furniture and upholstery when periodic textile cleaning would have been kinder – on the budget and the environment.

Our high-energy methods power clean each fiber to make textiles look new again! CFS’s instantaneous recovery system prevents the risk of soaking your fabrics, which means shorter drying times and no rust residue in panel cleaning. Our commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly practices is long-standing, and we’re passionate about doing things right for you and for the planet.

Let us keep your workspace beautiful and give your textiles new life so that your team can focus on the work that really inspires you.

CFS guarantees to work with you in saving time and money. For more about CFS and SOLID, please see the additional resources below, email, or call 877-462-3703 (option 3). Be sure to ask about our Best Results Clean Guarantee.

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