Anytime, Anywhere Access.

We built a database to tell you what we did, how we did it, and when and where we did it.

Our Anytime promise extends beyond cleanings.

People expect unrestricted access to information today—that’s why we created Enterprise Solutions, a comprehensive, real-time data-management system that gives you access to all of the account data we maintain. Wherever you are, whenever you want, from laptop or smartphone or tablet, you can access your password-protected online profile and view cleaning history, metrics, customer reporting, maintenance analysis, and clean verification.

You can even tell us how well we did.

Enterprise Solutions is exclusively ours. Perpetually yours. No one else offers it.


• …when we’ve been in your space, what we cleaned, the results, and when we expect to return.

• ES4U manages all of your facility’s cleaning and maintenance data, so you never have to track or organize it yourself.

• Quick answers to your account questions—easily, from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

• Each profile is customized, and access is password-protected.

• ES4U is a free benefit of doing business with CFS on every contract.

True Story

When one of the nation’s largest financial institutions asked for a real-time database to track maintenance at each of its more than 4,000 locations, CFS met the challenge by innovating the industry’s first and only comprehensive and sophisticated system for doing just that — through history, metrics, custom reporting, analysis and clean verification. This system has evolved to become the model that we use to manage all our clients.

An exclusive, global resource that lets clients efficiently review their complete cleaning and maintenance profile.


View real-time service tracking

Quickly find out what was cleaned and when the work was done. Also, check schedules and make adjustments when necessary


Request special services

Now it’s easier than ever for you to request specific services in specific locations. Notice a dirty ceiling tile or scuffed wall? Use CFS Enterprise Solutions to report it to CFS and you can be sure it will be cleaned.


Manage your entire plan

Schedules, budgets, reviews, performance reports… all the maintenance plan data you need is at your fingertips


Easily print reports of all kinds

Stop spending your time creating reports. Let CFS Enterprise Solutions do it for you. All you do is print them out, give them to your supervisor, and accept the compliments.