Grout Restoration

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Grout Restoration
Grout Armor by CFS

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Tile is more popular than ever in
public spaces today. But dirt and bacteria can hide in tile grout, and that is not popular.

Grout Armor™ by CFS is the industry’s leading grout restoration process, sealing grout lines, eliminating odors, and creating an entirely impervious grout service. This helps to maintain color while sealing porous surfaces from bacteria
and dirt, creating a “like new” appearance for pennies on the dollar of replacement costs.

This simple and innovative  process leaves no odor, no mess, no dust, and no harmful gases. There is no risk  to your property or the planet, and you get the best results and the best value, guaranteed.




1. Our technicians use non-toxic solutions to thoroughly clean grout and tile.

2. Our proprietary color sealer seals the grout, shielding it from bacteria and dirt and eliminating odors in a process that guarantees 100% color consistency across the entire surface.

3. We buff your floors with a high-speed buffer to ensure that everything is clean, and to bring out the natural shine of your tile.