Textile Care

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Keep your workspace beautiful, give your textiles new life.

Of all the surfaces in your workspace, dirty looking furniture does the most damage to your team's morale, your brand, and the impression customers have of your company.

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CFS Solid - Textile Care Page Content Separator
Regular Care versus the High Cost
of Replacing Furniture

Keeping textiles clean and fresh is not difficult with the right
care. After your first CFS cleaning, your workplace will look
like new and you will be the hero for making it happen.
But it will still take regular, periodic cleaning to keep your
workspace looking its best.

Too many companies waste money replacing furniture—or reupholstering it—when all they need to do is give it the right deep cleaning. At CFS, we delight in restoring our clients’ furniture and textiles to their original beauty. We save you thousands by extending the life of textiles far beyond what you’d ever think was possible and correcting any issues that would make you want to replace them in the first place.

You designed your workplace carefully and invested in beautiful furniture and fabrics for a reason. We help you make the most of that.

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How We Work with You

Our specialized team of technicians bring years of experience saving textiles, and CFS’s high-energy methods power clean each fiber so that textiles look new again.

Plus, our instantaneous recovery system prevents the risk of us ever soaking your fabrics, which means shorter drying times and no rust residue in panel cleaning.


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Instead of replacing a single chair, panel, or sofa (or its fabric), let CFS add this pressing task to a Larger custom care plan that we create for all of your textiles. CFS has saved clients thousands by keeping them from having to buy new fabrics.


So you and your team can focus on the work that really inspires you.

CFS can save you time and real dollars on your bottom line.

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Any textile, we can clean beautifully. Task seating Pull-up chairs General seating Lounge seating Theater seating Airport seating Lobby and reception furniture Waiting and reception room seating Conference furniture • Panel fabrics Wall coverings Draperies. And much more.

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To protect against stains, CFS uses a FIBER PROTECTION system to provide an advanced subsurface technology. This process prevents stains from bonding to carpet and textile fibers. It also helps maintain healthier, cleaner environments by increasing daily vacuuming retrieval by 40%.