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Textile Care
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Instead of spending money to replace the entire chair, panel or cube, you could have kept the fabric clean from the start. That’s responsible.

Your textiles will look and feel new again with MilliCare’s high-energy solution application that power cleans each fiber. The instantaneous recovery system makes it virtually impossible to soak fabrics, resulting in significantly shorter dry times, and guaranteeing no rust residue in panel cleaning.

Fiber Protection

To protect against liquid stains, MilliCare’s Fiber Protector provides an advanced subsurface technology that prevents stains from bonding to carpet and textile fibers. It also helps maintain healthier, cleaner environments by increasing daily vacuum retrieval by 40%.

And unlike most of our competitors, MilliCare contributes to LEED certification for Existing Buildings because MilliCare helps to maintain a building’s green status even after it’s built.

Green Seal certified
• U.S. Green Buildings Council member