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We’ve searched the planet to find a full suite of superior products and partners—and we’ll put them all to work as we care for your space.

State-of-the-art maintenance solutions. Standard.
CFS bases its cleaning regimen on worldwide research into the best and latest products, methods, and systems. The best for efficiency and for the environment. The best for effectiveness, time savings, and value.

Wherever you are — anywhere — we’ll always bring you the greatest products and methods on the planet, with the least possible impact. Our methods extend the life of your surfaces and keep them out of the landfill longer.

Today we offer the cleanest surfaces money can buy.

•  Hard Surface
•  Carpet
•  Textiles
•  Grout Restoration
•  Disaster Recovery
•  Odor Neutralization
•  AntiMicrobial
•  Holiday

We only work with the very best, so you do, too.
We’re constantly updating our maintenance solutions to meet the world’s highest standards, and we select our cleaning partners carefully to always offer the best of the best — whether it is our franchise partnership with Grout Armor for grout restoration. Or that, when we can’t find a superior solution, we create it ourselves: SOLID for hard surface.

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